Quiet Domesticity

Since you’ve been gone, I have tried to keep myself busy.

The sunshine has been kind and allowed several loads of washing to be dried. In a fit of efficiency, I then ironed and put away the clean laundry. The house has been cleaned, vacuumed and tidied to within an inch of its life. Funny. I feel a bit like that myself. But it’s all to the good… for a few days, anyway. Until it all needs to be done again. Forth Bridge and painting rings a bell.

Still. The benefits of feeling a little bit in control of something cannot be underestimated.

Number 2 has come home for the weekend. As usual, she has brought with her an abundance of laughter. It’s a tonic to see her.

I watched a very strange, South Korean subtitled programme, with Number 4. One lead character said to another that she was so small, he could fit her in his heart with no difficulty, but was worried that because he was so big, she would be unable to keep him in her heart. I don’t remember the exact words. But they were very poignant, in a bizarre kind of way. The truth is, the heart is a hugely elastic muscle. When you think there couldn’t possibly be room for any more love – boom! – there it is.

Perhaps tonight I will be so tired from the day’s busyness that I will sleep well. Apparently, there’s a first time for everything.

Stay gold.

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