A Whole New World

Since you’ve been gone, my world has changed.

This morning, I left the house for work, and instead of turning right and heading for my car, I turned left and walked down the drive way and out onto the street. I then had a very pleasant 15 minute walk to work, enjoying the freshness of the new day. It felt so good not to have to plough my way through the commuter traffic. No more stopping/ starting/ queueing/ getting stuck behind trucks – and bonus points for actually doing something that’s not only a necessity, but good for me.

The day passed in a blur of meetings, introductions and logging into new systems. For the most part, it all went very smoothly, but having had a glimpse of what my job will be and the very alien management information software I will have to work with, I know that there are a great many challenges ahead. It would be wonderful to fast forward six months, to a time where I pretty much know who everyone is and have got my head around what I’m supposed to do. Having said that, I am very grateful to have moved on six months from where I was. You know that patience is not my greatest virtue, but I am thankful to be here and not there.

Today I felt welcomed and wanted. One of the governors came into the office and introduced herself to one of my new colleagues and me. When she heard my name, she said, ‘Ah! We’ve been waiting for you!’, and went on to list several meetings that had taken place over the summer where my name was mentioned with eager anticipation. I only hope I can live up to the image they have already painted of me. We both know I’m more prone to disappointing people than getting things right.

All things considered, it wasn’t a bad day. A few more like this and I might start to feel human again.

Stay gold.

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