Much To Do – But Know Nothing

Since you’ve been gone, I’ve had a totally shattering day.

I started to dig down into what my job entails, and having only managed to skim the very top, I can already tell that there is A LOT to do. Either because I don’t yet appreciate the enormity of the task at hand, or I have become so immune to daily piles of rubbish to sift through, but it still feels like a tea party in a park and I’m actually looking forward to getting on and breaking the back of it. Mind you, I have to bear in mind that I am effectively on part time hours now, so I’m not going to manage to do as much in a day as I would expect of myself. It’s going to be a bit of a juggling act with myself, at least at first. And I very much look forward to the day when there is a lot to do and I actually know how to do any of it!

My colleagues seem nice. I hope that in time they will move from being colleagues to friends. I made a small joke (not like me, I know…) at the beginning of a staff training session and it was so well received by one lady that she referenced it again about an hour later. That’s a good sign, right?

However, I am still finding myself having to muster a smile, rather than have it come naturally. So many things are better than they were, and a lot of things are right. But there are some major things that are wrong, and I’m finding it hard to square that circle. Perhaps I just need a little more practice.

Stay gold.

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