That Was the Week That Was

Since you’ve been gone, I survived the first week of my new job.

Mind you, it wasn’t easy. It seemed like the more I went to work, the less I got done, and the more I had to do. My to do list for next week is already unachieveable. But I remain hopeful that I will get to the bottom of, and/ or get on top of things, before too many more weeks have gone by.

Still. My colleagues have seemed appreciative of what I did manage to do.  And it’s still a refreshing change to feel wanted and valued. And I wouldn’t trade where I was, for where I am now.  As my mother used to say, I may be green, but I’m not cabbage looking.

I do miss certain elements of my previous life.  I think it will take a long time to completely wean myself off of saying ‘we’ in relation to ‘them’. And even longer to stop missing what once was. In fact, I will always be hankering after the good times.  Always.

Stay gold.

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