She Said ‘Yes’ to the Dress(es)

Since you’ve been gone, the weekends are always the hardest.

My efforts to keep myself occupied were massively helped today by a trip to a bridal shop to look for Number 2’s wedding dresses.  This trip had been unbelievably difficult to plan, as it had to work around her shifts and include, and accommodate, nine others.  So today was very much the day and we all descended upon a shop in Camberley, ready to help her find the perfect ones.

Yes. Ones.

As you were aware, Number 2 is having two weddings. One ‘legal’ ceremony; the other very much more ceremonial. The first dress had to be something simple and low key – the second could make a bolder wedding statement.  She had to fall in love with them both, as well as meet the requirements of her mother-in-law to be. I’ll be honest. I was more than a little apprehensive on her behalf.  MiL to be is a lovely person. But she is also has a very big personality and isn’t afraid to say what she thinks.  I just wanted my second daughter to have what she wanted for her wedding.

We started with the second, more dazzling dress and arrived at seven possibilities. Not surprisingly, Number 2 looked beautiful in all of them. Incredibly, there also seemed to be a general consensus amongst all of us and it really wasn’t very hard to whittle it down to two main contenders.  I was so pleased for her when she made her decision, because I know she truly loved the dress she chose. Number 2 has a habit of compromising too much to keep others happy. But I know she didn’t do that with this dress. She is going to be gorgeous, because her natural beauty will be enhanced by the pleasure she will take in wearing it.

It was then the turn of the five bridesmaids – Numbers 1, 2 and 4, plus my youngest niece and the groom’s cousin – to try on some dresses. And yes. They all needed two dresses! As you can imagine, this was a complicated process and could have been impossibly difficult to satisfy them all. But thanks to no one being a diva, plus a genuine shared excitement to help make Number 2’s day, this too was a pleasure to behold. Before long, all the dresses were chosen and everyone was happy.

Dress number two was a much quicker journey.  She tried one. Just one. And that was it. Boom. It was one of those occasions that was just meant to be.

I can’t finish writing this without throwing in an anecdote my own MiL told me about my youngest sister in law’s wedding, some 14 years ago. They were shopping in Shrewsbury a week before it was due to take place, when she realised she hadn’t bought a veil.  She asked a lady in a shop if there were any bria

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