New Zealand 2020 – Part 4

What an amazing day!

I went with friends to Rotorua, a favourite NZ destination, and en-route we stopped at the small town of Tirau for brunch. The Cabbage Tree Cafe served a delicious big breakfast, and to top off the fun, we were invited to sign their visitor’s book – the wall! By virtue of the fact that there was actually no room left on any of the walls, we ended up signing the ceiling!

After brunch, we crossed the road to have a look around the very unusual local shops.

All I can say is that I REALLY love the New Zealand sense of humour!

From Tirau, we went straight onto Rotorua and stopped at the Rotorua Skyline experience. We took a cable car to the top of the hill and the views from the top were spectacular!

We had a wander around at the summit. There were all sorts of activities on offer, including luging and a completely CRAZY swing that dropped out of the sky and swung at ridiculous speed back and forth…. while it was fun to watch, that was definitely not on my list of things to do, so I went to the cafe and had an iced chocolate drink instead!

After getting back onto solid ground, we moved onto Whakarewarewa, one of my most favourite places in Rotorua.

We had a lovely wander about the village. While it was very sunny and warm, it was also quite windy and the steam from the hot springs was blowing every which way, so that the smell of sulphur seemed to engulf me wherever I went.

We also watched a Maori concert, in which they sung the world famous ‘Po Karekare Ana’ and performed the equally iconic Haka.

In one of the small shops in the village, I saw a beautiful waka (Maori canoe) carved out of wood and jade. I asked the shopkeeper how much this was, and was staggered to learn it was $12000! It certainly was a one of a kind, unique piece of art, but lovely as it was, I didn’t feel I could justify spending that amount of money. So if anyone out there has a large sum of money and a burning desire to own a waka, I recommend you get yourself to Whakarewarewa as soon as possible, while stocks last!

It was another day where the weather was more than kind and the company was brilliant. What more could I ask for..? (Apart from a $12000 waka, of course!)

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