New Zealand 2020 – Part 5

This morning I had a little look around the Waikato town of Cambridge, which is not at all like its namesake in England!

Again, we had ate breakfast/ brunch out (I could get used to this!) and the bacon and egg pie, with strawberries and cream fruit tea went down an absolute treat!

This afternoon belonged to Le Papillon Day Spa, where my friend and I were booked to have a massage, facial and time in the pool and sauna. It is set in a beautiful location, just outside of Cambridge. We were welcomed by Yolanda, the owner, and just the two of us had sole use of the facilities.

I was first to have the massage. Afterwards, I had time in the spa pool while my friend had her massage. Once she was finished, we were served a lovely platter of cheese, crackers and grapes and spent some time together enjoying the food and pool, as well as the beauty of a fantail, that flitted round about us, settling here and there for short periods of time before darting off into the trees once more.

It was then time for my facial which was so relaxing, I very nearly fell asleep in the chair! While my friend enjoyed the same treatment, I was able to enjoy the peaceful beauty of the surroundings once more.

I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed!

After tea, we went for a drive to Maungakawa. The views from the top were amazing!

I’m told that on a clear day, from the top of Maungakawa, you can see all the way to Mt Ruapehu, which is in the centre of the North Island. Apparently, you an also discern Mt Taranaki, way over on the west coast of the North Island. Sadly, it was too hazy to see either of these, but nonetheless, the view was absolutely incredible!

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